VODFONE Australia has been hit by a tariff increase for new mobile customers, with the company announcing it will now charge $50 a month for new SIM cards.

The move was announced in a statement to The Register, as the company announced it would offer an extra month of free phone call minutes for new users.

“We have taken the decision to introduce a new monthly billing plan, effective from November 1,” the statement read.

“To support the rollout of our new new $50/month SIM card plan, customers will need to pay an additional $50 per month to cover the additional monthly fees.”

This means you will need more money to support our ongoing rollout, and to fund other services such as our mobile phone network.

“If you have already signed up for the $50 monthly plan, your existing monthly bill will be waived and you will not need to make a new payment to cover this increase.”

Vodafine said it would not be taking any steps to increase prices or make changes to the pricing of its new plan.

“The new monthly plan is the lowest rate available for new Vodfones in Australia,” it said.

“In the future we will be working with Vodnet and other partners to introduce new plans that offer even lower rates.”

VOD FONE Australia CEO John Cavanagh said the decision was made “in light of the significant changes in the market”.

“As a result of this, we have taken action to introduce an extra $50 to cover any additional costs to provide our customers with the benefits of our brand new SIM card service,” he said.