By Sarah Parnass / Staff reporterJunge Leute Vodafones is offering a whopping $30,000 for a Sky TV subscription.

Sky is the largest cable TV provider in Canada, and the company has a huge presence in the province.

Leute is promising customers a monthly price of $300, which will go towards the costs of programming, including the cost of programming and hardware.

The plan will also include a monthly payment for any content you would like to add to the package.

This is for those who are not subscribing to Sky TV but are curious as to whether they can afford the monthly fee.

Leute says it will be available to everyone, with plans available for both homes and businesses.

Leuthe said he has not decided what packages will be offered in the U.S., but that the company will be offering more deals in the coming months.

He said the monthly price will not vary in Canada.

The company said it will also offer unlimited streaming on the new device, and customers can pay as much as $60 a month for the service.

The company also has plans to offer a new service that it is calling Sky Plus.

The service will allow customers to add video content to the Sky TV package, which would be a major step up from the current Sky TV service, Leuthe added.

Leuce said customers can also add an additional device with a higher resolution and storage capability, as well as a TV box to the box.

The pricing plan has a steep monthly cost of $30 a month.