New York City’s biggest internet provider, VodafONE, is offering free phones for customers who sign up for the new Vodacom mobile plan.

The company says it will give out a free phone to any customer who gets a new smartphone for less than $500, which is around the price of a new phone for many customers.

Vodafones is giving out a new VODACOM smartphone for $500 on April 10, 2019.

Vodax is offering similar deals at some retailers, including is offering the new smartphone at stores and online through the company’s mobile app and mobile website.

Voda also plans to offer free phones to Vodas customers in India and Sri Lanka, and it is offering those who buy new phones for less then $500 to get one free smartphone.

Voda customers can get a phone free of charge for three months on their new phone.

VODA customers can buy a VODAMobile smartphone for about $500.