Vodacont, the Spanish mobile messaging service, is facing a backlash after it announced it would soon remove its login page and replace it with an entirely different page.

In a blog post on Thursday, the company announced that users would have the option to “choose” a new login page instead.

Users will be able to create their own page, and can select their preferred login page at any time.

The Vodacon page will also be accessible on mobile devices via an iOS app.

“We want to thank all our customers for the feedback we received in this consultation,” Vodacons Chief Executive Peter Mascaro said in the blog post.

“It is our hope that the new page will make it easier for users to switch to the official Vodans account when they need to.”

The announcement came in response to a petition launched by users demanding that Vodacoin and other services not be allowed to use a login page.

Users also wrote that the page would violate European law and should be deleted.

A similar petition was launched in January to have the same issue addressed in Europe.

“The European Commission should take action to remove this login page from the market,” one of the petition’s signatories wrote.

In March, the European Commission said it was considering legal action against Vodcoins login page after complaints.

Vodas own login page is still available.

However, the official login page has been removed from the service and replaced with an alternative one.

Votafont, meanwhile, has been working on a new version of its website, which it will be launching next month.

The new website will offer a new experience and will allow users to create a “Vodafreen account” on which they can choose the username and password of their account.

Users can also use Vodadio, a free alternative video chat app, to watch videos, view photos and play music from the internet.

Vocales voice in the petition against the new Vodcon login page were not available for comment.

Updated January 30, 2018 19:42:07