Vodacom and Vodaplex have launched a new unlimited data plan for their customers, offering 5GB of data for $49.99 a month.

The 5GB plan is limited to those who subscribe to the $50 plan.

That’s a 30% discount over the $59.99 unlimited plan.

The new unlimited Vodacon plan includes data from any mobile phone provider and includes an unlimited amount of text and 4G internet.

Customers can also add 2GB of mobile data to their plans.

Vodacon customers can also stream videos on their mobile phones for free.

For the full 5GB price, customers can upgrade to a $59, $69, $79 or $99 plan.

Customers who have used the previous unlimited plans can opt to upgrade to the 5GB version of their plans and get an extra 2GB for free in the first month.

It’s a bit of a jump for customers who have signed up to the unlimited plans, but the company says it’s designed to make it easier for them to upgrade their data to the new unlimited plans.