Telstra will start using a new technology to help make calls over the internet, a move that could revolutionise the way Australians communicate with their families.

Telstra is working on a technology called Lifelink, which will allow users to make phone calls using an internet-based SIM card.

Telstra is hoping the technology will allow people to make calls in the home, as well as abroad.

The company says it will roll out the technology by early next year.

Telus and Optus, the nation’s biggest telecommunications companies, are the only major providers of mobile services in Australia.

However, their services are currently provided by Telstra.

The technology is a major step towards Telstra’s goal of making the network 100 per cent fibre-optic by 2020.

Telus says it plans to offer Lifelinks to customers who have signed up for Telstra-branded services.

It is unclear how much Lifelinking will cost.