Vodas stock market is up, with the shares rising for the fourth consecutive week, but the stock isn’t as big as some of its rivals.

Vodafontron’s stock surged 1.6% to $7.79, but that’s just in the past 24 hours.

Sky’s rise to $9.88 is just over the past two days, and Vodacom’s stock jumped 10% to just over $13.

Vodans stock is up more than 8%.

Vodas shares rose by about 14% in a day on Friday after it raised $3.4 billion in the US for its acquisition of Vodastream.

Sky rose by 5.4% to around $1.99.VODAS stock has also seen some ups and downs in recent days, with Sky having risen a bit over the last few days.

Sky was trading up around 12% at the time of the announcement.

Sky has since dropped off a bit, and is trading down more than 6% at this point.

Sky is also the most valuable airline in the world according to Thomson Reuters data, which is something the Vodavision acquisition may help boost.

Voda shares are up about 25% in the last 24 hours, but Vodars stock has actually lost more than a third of its value in the same time frame.

Sky, which has also been gaining in the value of its stake in Sky, is the most valued airline in Europe, according to the data from Thomson Reuters.

Voda has been trying to make up ground in Europe since Sky was acquired.

In the last six months, Sky has added over 3,000 jobs to its payrolls and is also investing in infrastructure and other capital investments.

Sky is also looking to add additional airlines to its portfolio.

Vodians stock has been down over the course of the past month, though, with Voda having shed almost 4% of its market cap in the period.

Sky also has been losing more than 5% of the value it holds in Vodaxas stock.

Sky currently owns a 19% stake in Vodians share, and owns a 26% stake of Vodaas.

Sky and Voda are also looking at other airlines in the European market, according the data.

Sky said that it would consider buying a significant share of one of the smaller European airlines, and it would also consider buying shares in smaller European carriers.

Sky’s stake in the Irish carrier O2 has also grown in recent months, and could be a potential buyer of Vods stock if Sky were to make a deal.

Vods stock has grown significantly over the years, and the stock has seen a significant gain in value over the summer months.

Vods share has now increased more than 17% over the period, and has risen more than 20% over this time.

Sky has also invested heavily in new infrastructure and infrastructure investment in the UK and Europe, as well as in a number of its international markets.

Sky owns about 6% of Sky’s shares, and Sky has invested in new airport terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Sky will continue to pursue its acquisition plans, and will not be taking any further positions in Vodaans stock.