Posted March 25, 2019 03:13:58This week, the Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition has been upgraded with all-new content and a brand new story.

The new content is being called ‘Trampling Time’.

It includes an entire chapter of ‘Troubled Past’, a new mini-game that lets you explore the world of the Lost City, as well as a new story and an expanded version of the story from the original game.

This all-access, exclusive content includes all of the classic content including:All-new story with the Lost Cities and the Lost Valley (and its surrounding locations) are included in this all-inclusive package of content.

The original Tomb Raider is a classic open-world adventure game that takes you on an adventure across the globe.

The game is set in the distant past and takes place in a world populated by powerful ancient beings known as the Ancients.

In this latest update to the franchise, Lara Croft, a new character named Sarah Connor, and the other members of the Resistance, return to their hometown of Silent Hill, where they were rescued by a mysterious stranger known as ‘The Masked Man’.

The Masked Men have returned to the city of Silent Hills to try and kidnap Lara.

The events of the original Tomb Raiders lead Lara to become the most powerful warrior in the world, with the ultimate goal of taking down the Masked Leader and restoring the world to a normal state.

In addition to the new content, players will also have access to a new mode called ‘Scrap Time’.

This mode lets players collect all of Lara’s collectibles and explore a variety of locations across the world.

Scrap time mode will only be available for a limited time.

For a limited amount of time, you can access Scrap Time mode through this app, but not for any other activities.

The Tomb Raider franchise has grown to a place where it’s important for fans to know what’s happening with the game, and what it’s like to play through the Tomb Raiders.

The Definitive edition is just one of the many updates to the original.

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