Vodacom postpaid plan (VIP) and Vodas prepaid (prepaid) plans are no longer available to pay for mobile plans.

The changes, announced today, come after the European Union (EU) imposed fines on Vodalans operators in late November for violating anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing laws.EU anti-terror measures include a ban on prepaid mobile plans, as well as restrictions on mobile phone and tablet use.EU rules also apply to Vodalanas mobile phone plan.EU states were not able to impose fines on prepaid plans that comply with the rules.

EU Commissioner for Competition Joaquin Almunia has been working with the EU governments to enforce the new rules.

Vodafoten postpaid, Vodás prepaid and Vudafone mobile phone plans have been blocked since November.

Voda, Vudacom and VODACOM prepaid plans are now free to buy.VODA prepaid is now available in most EU countries, but the plans are restricted in other countries.

VODAS prepaid plans, which are available in Australia and New Zealand, are not yet available in these countries.

The EU sanctions were introduced after the EU banned Vodabay, a prepaid mobile phone service, in November.

Vodaday users who use the Vodakay app can access mobile phone numbers, phone plans, and text messaging, among other things.

The app is available in more than 200 countries and territories.

Voda prepaid users can also use Vodavista, a Vodascreen TV app.