A Vodacom router is not the only one that can be upgraded to help cut down on your bills.

The internet service provider can also be upgraded for an additional $60.

Read moreRead more If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable internet service, you’re in luck.

According to our sister publication Digitimes, Digitime has listed all the best cheap internet plans for you.

The Digitices cheapest internet plan is a 4G-only plan which includes a Vodaport data plan and a monthly data fee of $20.

Digitimes cheapest data plan costs $30 a month.

DIGITIME is also offering a 1GB data plan which will also include a $20 monthly data charge.

There are some options to upgrade the internet service too.

If your budget is a little tight, you can get a data plan for $30 and a data upgrade for $20 a month, or you can pay $10 a month and get a 100GB data upgrade.

But if you need to get more data, Digits cheapest data upgrade will be for $50 a month for unlimited data.

It’s important to note that you need a plan that matches your internet speed.

You will have to pay for the upgrade, but Digitimates service is reliable and offers a great value for your money.

Vodacoms cheapest internet is also a 4GB-only service.

It includes a $50 monthly data plan.

In order to get this data plan, you need the Vodakast service.

You can also get the service for $10.