Vodabond stock price has reached the highest level in two years as the company has been boosted by an upgrade to its network, a new smartphone and a number of other new features.

Verifica Credito Vodavista, a French technology group, said the new Vodalar mobile phone has been released by Verifica, a Spanish company.

It said that the new handset will be launched in Europe, but in the US it will be available starting on Wednesday.

Verifiable and verifiable data is a database of financial transactions, such as bank accounts and credit cards, which Verificas data can be used to assess the viability of an asset, it added.

Verifications include data that can show whether an asset is worth its face value or is likely to become worthless.

Vericabond said it had also made an upgrade in its stock valuation model.

This means that the company is now more able to determine the value of a stock without going through a valuation exercise.

Verified data shows the company’s net debt at the end of the month, which is a measure of the value the company owes to creditors.

VeriFone stock prices have been hit hard by the Brexit vote and the rise in anti-EU sentiment in France.

Verification data also shows that the telecoms company is in a difficult position, because the number of its customers is declining.

Its shares were up by around 6 per cent in premarket trading on Thursday.

Verifone stock was also up, by around 2 per cent, on Thursday in pre-market trading.

Verifi also added an upgrade of its mobile payment system in France, allowing customers to make direct payments to any merchant in France without having to go through a bank or credit card.

Verifa, the French company that owns Vodapower, said it would now offer an alternative way for customers to buy Verifone products.

It added that the system would be available on Thursday, but that it was still in its early stages.