Posted by Ars Technic staff on September 29, 2018 12:32:55Apple is going to get Apple TV users on the iPhone and iPad with the release of iOS 9.

Apple has announced a new “iPhone TV” that will work with an iPad or iPhone, but with some limitations.

Apple says the device can’t stream video, but it can stream music.

This means it can play music on your iPhone or iPad while you’re watching an Apple TV movie.

Apple also says the Apple TV will play movies on your Mac or Windows PC or on a Roku box connected to your Mac.

The iPhone TV also can play videos on your Apple TV, though it’s not recommended.

Apple TV owners can stream movies and shows on Apple TV.

But, the company has also said it will only stream movies from the Apple Movies app, a feature that Apple previously made available on the iPad and Apple TV with iOS 8.

Apple’s new iPhone TV won’t work with older devices.

You will need to buy a separate Apple TV device to use the iPhone TV.

The new iPhone is available starting today in stores, in select countries and in a few countries with limited Apple stores.

Apple will also roll out the device to retail outlets in select markets in Europe, North America and the Middle East starting Friday.