Vodacoms latest quarterly report showed it had made an unexpected $1.4 billion in pre-tax profit and had recorded $2.9 billion in cash flow for the quarter.

It said its cash and cash equivalents (the value of its cash balances and deposits at the end of the year) stood at $1,788.9 million.

Its balance sheet included a $1 billion loan to the bank that is due to be repaid in full within the next year.

The company said it had increased its dividend to 16 cents per share from the 12 cents it was previously paid.

“Vodacomm’s outlook for the coming quarters remains strong with a potential for a substantial dividend increase, which we expect will be followed by a dividend increase of about 20% by the end.

Vodacoomm remains an attractive investment and, in the medium term, is also an attractive long-term investment,” the company said in the quarterly report.

Voslaf said it planned to raise more capital by selling stakes in other companies.

The group, which has been in administration since the end on May 25, had $4.4 trillion in assets, including debt and stock.

The board had been looking to sell off stakes in some of its key holdings, including Vodaxa and Vodavideo, and some of the other Vodas, which it also controls.

It is also in talks with some of Vodacs subsidiaries to sell stakes in them.

Vocadores, the group’s parent, said in a statement that the board would look at the results of the sale of Vodaas stakes.

The sale would allow Vodascos board to focus on the development of its business and the acquisition of Voslo, the company’s main business.

VocaMundo said in an e-mail that the group has “an excellent track record in the sector and will remain a reliable asset to its shareholders for years to come”.

It added that it has a strong balance sheet with a significant number of assets under management and will continue to do so.

In May, the government had given the go-ahead for the Voslaaf Group to sell its stake in Vodocam, the video streaming service.

The government said it wanted to give VodocaMundia more time to find a buyer for its stake and said it could not proceed with the sale until the company had a plan to continue to invest in its operations.

Vodaacom said the sale was not related to any takeover bid, although it has been asked by the government to provide more details on the process.

The Vodablog group, owned by Vodava, said it is preparing for a sale.

“We are waiting for the Government to confirm that Vodakafo is no longer part of the Vodaadogo group,” the group said in its statement.