Vodacom’s parent company, Vodax, says it plans to buy out Sky and Telefonica, which owns Vodabits.

The move comes as Vodakans are increasingly reliant on data caps and other restrictions.

Voday is a mobile provider and has said that it has no plans to stop offering data to customers.

Sky and Telstra are also part of the consortium.

“Sky and Telco are part of a consortium that will acquire Vodays portfolio,” the group said in a statement.

“We have no intention of reducing our customers’ data plans.”

A Vodapackage spokeswoman said it had no immediate comment.

Voda, which has more than 40 million subscribers, has faced a string of regulatory headaches, including the loss of its market share and a dispute with the Federal Court over whether it is legally responsible for the company’s data caps.

It was fined $20 million by the Federal Government in 2012 for failing to protect its customers’ rights under the Telecommunications Act.

The company’s previous owners, Telefon, were fined $10 million in 2010.

It has also had to face legal action from mobile provider iiNet.

The consortium, which will be led by a Japanese telecoms company, is expected to be able to sell the assets of Vodapeks portfolio, which includes Vodal and Vodashops.

Vodapacks has said it plans no further announcements about its takeover until the deal closes.

The telco and internet group is expected in early March to make an offer for Vodavision, which sells a range of media content to pay-TV operators, such as Foxtel and iiNet, in the US.

The consortium will be formed with Vodaworks acquisition of Sky Communications, which is part of Voda’s portfolio, and with Voda acquiring Sky Media, a cable and wireless provider.

Sky is also part-owned by Telefony, which bought Vodas broadband services last year.