Vodacom and Telenor have announced a new partnership for customers to receive a $5 million cash payout for every year of service.

The payout will be made on a quarterly basis, with the first $5.5 million going to Telenors customers.

The first $3.5 billion will go to Vodak customers and Telesos customers.

The announcement was made during the Telefonica’s (TSE:TEU:VOD) quarterly conference call, which was held on Wednesday.

Telenoras CEO David Zalaznick said in a statement that Telenora has made the decision to extend the service to all of its customers, including Vodascope.

Vodacoms latest deal is the largest to date.

In April, Telenorus announced a $2 billion deal to acquire Vodastream for $10.5bn.VODAVE is a subsidiary of Telenone, which offers broadband service to over 70 countries and territories.

It has a total of more than 500 million subscribers, including more than 300 million customers in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States.