A new scheme for saving on your monthly bill may have you thinking twice about signing up for the new Vodacom and Vodavideo services.

But for those who have already opted for the old services, you’ll find you can opt for the cheapest Vodas package for a one-time fee of just £3.99.

If you don’t have a Vodaphone account, you can also call up your Vodaport phone number for the low monthly fee of £1.79.

The old services are still available to sign up for on-the-go, but you’ll need to call up a Voda number, so it’s best to call them in person to sign-up for the services.

The cost of the new packages is £10 a month for Vodacon and £15 a month if you sign up on-premise.

The Vodastar and Vodehite plans offer the same basic services for just £20 a month.