LAD vs. BABE is a feature film produced by the Lad Media group and directed by Robert Leight, and produced by Lad Media.

It is the fourth feature film of the Ladmedia group and first by Ladmedia.

The film tells the story of two people in two very different situations: a young woman who is having an affair with a young man she met at a nightclub, and a young boy she met while she was working at a bank.

The film opens with a short sequence where we see the young woman and her partner, a banker, at a bar, and we see that she has a girlfriend, who she has been secretly dating for the past two months.

They are at a party when the young man enters the room, and she takes off her top.

She tells him she doesn’t have anything to wear and leaves.

The young man doesn’t like it and asks if she wants to get dressed.

She refuses.

He walks out and walks to the bank.

He comes back and starts talking to the woman and she leaves the room.

The young man comes back with the young boy and the woman starts having an argument with him.

She says, “I want to know if you are still with that girl.”

He says, No, you’re not.

The girl says, I’ve known her for two months and you never told me that she was not your girlfriend.

She starts crying.

The man says, Why did you lie?

He says, She didn’t have any clothes on, and I wanted to see if she was wearing anything.

The woman starts screaming and screaming.

The woman goes to the front desk, and the bank manager, Mr. A, calls the police.

When the police arrive, they find the young girl lying on the ground in front of a bank, unconscious.

After the police arrest the young guy, they ask him to come into the police station.

He refuses.

The police officer tells him, You’re going to jail.

He says that he can’t.

The bank manager asks the young officer, “How do you know she is not your girl?”

The young officer says, Because you are a bank manager and she is a young girl.

He asks, Do you have a girlfriend?

“The police say, No.

The bank manager says, Then why are you being such a troublemaker?

He asks the officer, If she had a boyfriend, she would be in jail.

The officer says that she doesn�t.

The officer says to him, I can’t tell you why, because we are not able to arrest her.

The police officer says you will have to find out for yourself.

The man says to the police officer, You will have the same result.

The policeman says, We will.

So, the police leave.

The next morning, we see a young police officer driving along the street, and he pulls up beside the bank’s entrance.

The officers hear the young officers screams.

The officers say, We don�t know what’s happening.

They say, Get out of the car, go to the street.

They pull over.

The boy is screaming.

He sees the police officers.

The cops say, Stop.

They ask the young police officers to go into the bank, but the young boys are refusing.

They start screaming.

They tell the police what is going on.

The boys tell the cops to leave the bank or they will hit them.

The boys say, I will kill them.

They try to run.

The cops are chasing them, and they stop them.

The policemen say, Go away.

They give chase.

The brothers tell the officers to get back, but they refuse.

The old bank manager comes up to the officers and tells them to get out of here.

As soon as the police go into a bank and arrest the boy, the bank managers say, The bank was robbed, but there are no robbers.

The robbers fled.

The boy cries and says, He was robbed.

The cop says, That�s just your story.

The parents come out of a bedroom.

The kid says, The robbery happened in front.

The family is angry.

The cop says to them, You are telling me your story?

The boy says, Yes.

The dad says, You just robbed me.

The son says, Oh, no.

He tells them that I told you.

The father says, This is a lie.

The lad says, There are robbers in the bank right now.

The dads say, Yes, there are.

The mom says, They robbed us.

The kids say, That was a lie, but you are telling us the truth.

The family tells the cops, We are going to report the bank robbery to the court