Vodacont, the UK’s leading provider of video conferencing, says it will offer a “vodafront” service for customers who want a high-speed connection to their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Vodafonter is an integrated service that offers voice and data calling, video and data streaming and access to online and social media, for an additional charge.

The service will start on Monday, April 12.

It will be offered on a limited basis at most locations, VODafont said.

“The goal is to provide the best possible connection to customers and enable the growth of this market in a cost-effective way,” the company said in a statement.

AT&amp&amp t, the US’s largest wireless carrier, also offers its own service, called Vodacon, which is free to use but requires a contract.

In Australia, Voda is currently available on a trial basis.

Both AT&amps telcos said they were exploring other options, but could not offer specific details about them.

T-Mobile Australia said its existing Vodacons are also available at some locations and that it was also considering introducing Vodaport, which allows customers to connect to services on the internet via smartphones.