The NHL’s season begins in less than two weeks with the season opener on Friday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In the first year of a new contract for NHL star Jaromir Jagr, the league will be making significant changes to the uniform set.

The NHLPA announced on Monday that players will be able to wear NHL jerseys with their numbers altered and the number of team letters removed.

Jagr and his wife, Kim, who have three children, will wear a new jersey for the first time in 2018.

He will be wearing a jersey that features the number “6” and the words “No, no, no.”

Jagrs number will also be a symbol of the NHL’s expansion into new markets.

The numbers of the Toronto Blue Jays will also change in 2018 as they will wear the number 42.

The Toronto Maple Leaf logo will also go away and the team will wear numbers for the Toronto Raptors instead of the team’s name.

The other big change will be the use of a black-and-white jersey for all teams.

The NHL says this will allow teams to differentiate their colors and give fans an opportunity to see what the NHL is all about.

In addition, the NHL will use a new “No. 42” number on the back of jerseys for players and coaches.

The new jersey will be available for purchase on Friday at NHL retailers including Target, Best Buy and Walmart.

The number of teams in the league is set to go from 25 to 24 next season, which will see the number 26 be retired.

Players will be allowed to wear the new jersey with their number altered and will be permitted to wear a number that has a team letter removed.

Players and coaches will be required to wear team-specific jerseys, which can be worn with number changes.

The new jerseys will have the number printed on the side.

Players who wear the same number will be eligible for free agency.

The league said the new jerseys are not expected to be available in all areas.