Apple Inc. announced on Monday that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would receive a few new features, including a new camera that can take a photo with two different lens types.

The iPhone 6, which is the most powerful iPhone yet, will get a new iPhone X camera, a new Home button that lets you open the lock screen, and a redesigned front camera that will let you take photos and video.

The 6 Plus, which will be the cheapest iPhone ever, will also get a redesigned design that includes a speaker grille, LED backlit display, and “more vibrant colors” on the rear camera.iPhone X, the most expensive iPhone ever made, will be available in December.

The new camera is a major step up from the iPhone 5s and 5c, which both got better cameras with a new sensor, more powerful camera software, and better lenses.

It is the first iPhone camera to get this upgrade, and Apple says it has “the fastest and most advanced cameras in the industry.”

Apple says the new iPhone cameras are capable of capturing images with up to 30 frames per second, which means it can take photos in slow motion, even in dark environments.

The new camera also has a new “focal length” feature, which lets the camera take photos with a wider field of view than before.

It will be easier to use the new camera with a third-party app, including third-parties like Instagram.

The phone also will get an improved camera app, which makes it easier to take photos without needing to open the camera app.

Apple says the improved camera software will be ready for iPhone X and iPhones starting in December, but we won’t know if it will be as soon as then.

The Home button is getting a refresh, too.

The “Home button” is getting an overhaul.

The home button will be redesigned with more transparency, with “Home” being the icon that appears on the screen and is used for navigation.

The home button is also getting new color, meaning it will not be gray.

The redesigned Home button will have two colors: “black” and “gold.”

Apple said the new Home buttons will be “easier to use” than the previous ones.