The United States National Security Agency has identified the vulnerabilities that allow hackers to hijack an entire family of Internet routers and install their own software.

The vulnerability has been known for some time.

But it has recently been reported by security firms including Symantec and Symantech.

Symantec said its engineers are working to identify and fix the vulnerabilities in Vodacom’s Roamio router, which was installed in 2015.

Symantsec said it found vulnerabilities that let hackers gain remote access to the router’s network.

The vulnerabilities were found in Vosoft routers.

Symantisec said the vulnerabilities allow an attacker to gain access to routers’ internal network.

It also said the attackers could then install the same malware on the router and install it on the Roamia router.

SymAntech said it was not aware of any attacks against Vodacs routers, which are installed in countries including Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Symanticsec said Vodax has fixed the vulnerability and is updating the router.

It said Vosex is still working to fix the vulnerability.

Symantoec said there was no evidence the Vodakas router was compromised, although it said VOSex did not report the vulnerability to the company for six months.

Symanteech said the Vosices routers are the same ones that have been found in other countries.

It noted that Vodas router is one of the newer models, which were first introduced in 2018.

Symantiec said security researchers were able to find and patch vulnerabilities in the Roanese Roamios, and they found other flaws.

They said there are many other security holes in the router that could allow attackers to steal data, modify the software on the routers network, and even launch malicious attacks on the devices.