Vodacom customer service support is being called “heartbreaking” by a customer whose story of abuse at the hands of Vodaco customer care is being “shared” by customers and their families.

In the first of a series of interviews with victims and witnesses, the woman spoke of the “harshness” of the treatment she received and described her “shock” at what she believed was the company’s inaction.

Vodacomms customer service team responded to the customer, calling the abuse “an isolated incident” and “unprecedented”.

The company’s customer care department has been “deeply disturbed” by the allegations and has launched an investigation, said Vodacon President and CEO John Glynn.

Vicar Mark Ritchie, a former Vodachrome customer, said: “This is heartbreaking for all the victims and the wider Vodapacks community.

Vodakas customer service is a world class provider of quality customer service, and our people do their best to respond to customer service inquiries and inquiries as quickly as possible.

This is a shame for the people of Victoria.”

But Vodacons chief executive and chief legal officer, Richard Sullins, said the company was committed to providing support to customers.

“We have taken steps to make sure that we have a strong and effective support system in place to deal with any issues that customers have.

We’ve worked with the Vodal team to ensure that they have all the information they need to respond quickly and professionally to any concerns,” he said.”

There are a number of processes and procedures that we follow with regard to the reporting of abuse, including making sure that if an allegation is made we investigate and resolve it quickly, but it is our duty to help victims and their family to make sense of it.”

Mr Sulls said the abuse had not been reported to the police, and that Vodacs customer service and customer support team was “deep and thorough” in dealing with any complaints made.

Vodeacon customers and families are also receiving messages from Vodakhas management in which they can send a report of abuse to the Vodeacon customer care team.

Vodakhs apologised on Thursday for the incident and said the staff involved had been sacked.

Mr Sully said he was concerned that the incident was not being properly reported to police, or that the response from Vodeakas to victims and families was “inadequate”.

“The issue of abuse and neglect by Vodas staff is a concern, and we’re aware of the issue and are addressing it,” he added.

“Our team members are responsible for supporting the customers and ensuring that all reports of abuse are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, but the response to the abuse was not satisfactory.”

This is a serious matter and we have taken the necessary steps to address it, including the swift termination of all Vodabucks staff members who have been involved in this incident.

“A spokesperson for Vodavex confirmed the company had received a complaint about the Votacom Customer Care Support team and was “reviewing the matter”.