Vodacom customers in Australia have been given until next week to buy a data plan after the company said it was making changes to its unlimited data plans.

Australia’s largest telco said customers who were already on unlimited data could get a one-time “bonus” of $20.50 a month to cover the cost of their monthly data.

Vodacomm said the plan would start at $60 a month and go up to $85 a month by March.

It also said customers could get two “bonuses” of up to 100GB a month.

“We will offer an ‘on demand’ plan for customers who want to access a wider range of data,” Vodakap said.

A customer of Vodapoints.com who wants to add extra data to her unlimited data quota can add $5 a month for a $25 increase in the data allowance.

But Vodacoin is also asking customers to check their data usage, including when they are using data, and ask if it’s needed to meet the plan’s limits.

The company said customers with any complaints about their data plans should contact it directly.

If you are a Vodaloo customer, you may be eligible for a data reduction or data credit on a Voda prepaid plan, but you must make an application to Vodadogo via our website to be eligible.