Vodacom has announced a new rechargeable battery pack for its prepaid customers.

It will come in four flavors, called Vodas Energy, Vodapro, Vodeas and Vodex, and will cost Rs. 29,000 for a 30-day term.

The batteries will come with two rechargeable batteries, the Vodax, which is made of a flexible polymer and will last for three years and the Vodeax, made of an aluminium alloy.

The new battery packs will be priced at Rs.29,000.

They will be offered on Vodashows website and on the Vods app, which offers Vodakoes app, Voda, Vods and Vodex apps.

Vodafon said the Voda packs will have an internal capacity of up to 1,000mAh and will come packed in an ultra-compact pouch with a Velcro strap that attaches to the back.

The Vodeashows app will offer the rechargeable packs for Rs. 2,500 per term.

Vodans app will also include a Voda rechargeable pack.

The battery packs are designed for customers who recharge their prepaid devices with an external charger, and have no wires attached to them, according to Vodaworld.

They also have a built-in rechargeable charger.

Voda said in a statement that Vodabox and Voda Ultra rechargeable rechargeable chargers will be available for customers in the coming days.

The company also said it has also partnered with Reliance Communications and Reliance Energy, to provide free rechargeable power to subscribers in India.

The company said it plans to launch the new rechargeables by the end of the year.