The Spanish company that has become a key part of the European telecoms industry with its VoLTE service is launching its own online service on the country’s second-largest telecom operator, TV3, on Wednesday.

Vodafont, which is owned by Spain’s Spanish state telecoms company, is planning to open its own streaming service with a $1,000 annual fee to the public, a spokesperson for the company told Reuters.TV3 is owned and operated by the Spanish state-owned company, Telefónica.TVs own website is set to launch on Wednesday, with Vodacom TV, an online service of the Spanish telco.

Videos and other content will be available on Vodocast, a portal that allows subscribers to stream the latest and greatest TV content, including live sports.

The service is being launched in the country with a goal of increasing subscribers by 1.6 million people a month by the end of the year, said Vodas CEO Luis Cuende, adding that the service will be free to customers.VODACOM TV and the Vodacs website, which are part of Vodapay, will also allow Vodak TV subscribers to use Vodacoin, the digital wallet of VODACOIN, for transactions.