Vodas will offer unlimited plans to users in Romania who pay by mobile phone, a new plan announced on Thursday by the country’s telecommunications regulator.

The mobile operator says its plans will be rolled out starting this week, and users who have already bought a Vodacom prepaid mobile phone will be able to make their new plans available to their new mobile phone lines.

Vodaport Romania’s chairman was quoted by Romania’s state-run RTS news agency as saying the new mobile plans will cover basic and premium internet services, which will include calls, text messaging, and data.

The plans, which are already available in Romania, come after a period of uncertainty surrounding the future of Vodacon, a nationwide mobile network that was launched in Romania in 2014.

The Romanian regulator said in March that Vodacons were not eligible for new subsidies and subsidies were set to expire at the end of June.

Vodacon was launched by the government in 2015 as a way to encourage consumers to switch from conventional phones to cheaper mobile services.

The plan is now one of the few remaining alternatives to traditional pay phones.