Vodacom has come under fire after the company’s board said the company has a “crisis” and is “in a bit of a bind” as the price of the network has risen from $9.99 a month to $15.99.

The company has been the target of criticism from consumer advocates and others, including Netflix, who have accused it of “failing” to invest in broadband in Australia.

The board said Vodapoint would be “an important platform” for Vodafaords services in the next few years.

But the CEO of Vodavision, which owns the Vodax network, said VODafont was “a good investment”, and the company is looking at options to “keep Vodakopoint at the forefront”.

“We believe the VODAFON is a strong investment,” said Vocal Media CEO Stephen Kynard.

“We are confident that it will continue to be a very strong investment.”

We are also looking at other options in the future.

“The board of VocalMedia has been under fire for its “poor strategic thinking” in the face of the increasing cost of broadband and the competition from cheaper providers.

VocalMedia said it would continue to invest into the VocalNet and VocalTel brands.

But consumer advocacy groups have called on Vocal to invest more in broadband infrastructure.