Vodacont is the first Vodax business to be launched in Australia.

Vodaconto Australia, an e-commerce and payment service, was launched today.

Voget has launched a new service called Vodacon, which is aimed at small business owners and freelancers.

Vocalis announced its launch today.

The company is aiming to help small business by offering a wide range of payment solutions.

The service, which has been launched in the UK, will be rolled out across Australia.

Vocalis will also roll out a payment processing solution in India.

Vocalspider announced it will be launching in Australia in 2018.

The social media platform is aiming for a wider audience than ever before with an aggressive focus on content and social media engagement.

The Australian business said it has seen an increase in demand for the platform, which enables consumers to share their favourite videos with friends and family.

It is also looking to build its business into a larger online platform and to become a global brand.

The platform aims to be a source of value for Australians, which can help businesses get their foot in the door.

The Vocalist and Vocalism Australia is the company’s first overseas launch.