Vodacont, a US mobile operator, is now thinking about making prepaid phone services available to customers of its postpaid customers, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The report says Vodacoins could be the answer to a long-standing challenge for postpaid users.

It also cites a post-paid user base of just over 2.7 million, making the US one of the biggest postpaid markets in the world.

Vodacoin would be the first postpaid phone service that is not tied to a credit card.

Vodakos are already offering prepaid services in the US.

Vos is a prepaid mobile network owned by Vodas and Telkom, which started offering postpaid voice calls in 2009.

It currently has around 6 million subscribers.

Voda and Telki offer postpaid calls in the Philippines.

It has over 500,000 subscribers, but the company’s mobile network is not part of Vodashos network.