Vodafond’s mobile network operator in England, BT, is now in charge of the entire country.

The move follows a series of reports that the company was planning to merge with Sky, the UK’s biggest pay TV company, and its media business was also looking to merge.

In an interview with the Times, Vodacom chief executive Guy Beard said the UK market was ready to “take over”.

“We are a world leader in broadband and have a proven track record of delivering quality and value to customers, and that’s why we’re keen to join forces with Sky in the UK,” he said.

BT, which has around 1.2 million UK customers, is one of the largest pay TV operators in the world.

The company has been in talks with rival Sky for some time and last year launched a new $50 per month tier, which would allow customers to stream movies and TV shows for just $25 a month.

The company said the move would “enhance the value” of its services, with its services becoming available in “around a third of UK households”.

BT already offers Sky TV in some of the UK, with a new service launching on Friday in the north of England, with plans to extend the service to more areas.

Earlier this year, BT also launched a $10 a month TV streaming service in Ireland, the country’s biggest.

However, this new offering is currently only available in Ireland and the rest of Europe.

BT will now have a “broadcast business” for the first time in the country, with the aim of expanding its reach into other markets.

“This is a realisation of our strategy for delivering more value to our customers through our existing and new business models,” Beard said.

“We know that our customers have grown more comfortable watching TV through BT and we want to give them that opportunity again.”

We are not in a position to enter into any joint ventures or other joint ventures with any other operator in the industry, so this is a major change of ownership for us.

“The move follows an announcement by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in December that BT would merge with British Telecom, the largest UK telecoms operator.

In January, BT said it was taking “unprecedented action” to boost its global reach.