Vodacom India India’s biggest mobile operator has launched its own prepaid brand called Vodacon.

The company has also unveiled a new product for the Indian market called Voda, which is expected to have a major impact on its business model in the short term.

Vodacomm said it has signed a strategic partnership with Nokia, and will roll out the service to its customers starting March 30.

Vodavision is the first time Vodak has announced its service.

Voda, launched last year, will offer 4G LTE data, 4G data with voice and voice calls, unlimited voice minutes and data roaming.

It will cost about Rs 50 per month for a monthly package.

The handset will also include unlimited voice calls.VODACOM India has been working with Nokia to roll out Vodabay, its prepaid mobile service, to a number of customers in India, which will be available for a limited time.

Nokia will pay Vodas customers for the data they use.

The Nokia partnership comes after Vodapro launched its first prepaid service, Vodago in 2014, which offered unlimited data and voice services for just Rs 20 per month.

Nokia has since launched Vodapeks service in the country.