Vodafont has signed an agreement with AT&T to allow it to offer free international roaming on the company’s data plans for customers who buy prepaid mobile phones from the company.

The carrier also plans to offer unlimited international calls and texts.

The agreement is expected to be announced in early November.

Vodacont will offer its services at no extra charge to those who subscribe to a Vodaport mobile plan.

Votel, which launched in March, also said it will offer free voice and text service on its prepaid plans starting in December.

VotoSign, which recently expanded its international roaming services, said it also would offer free global calls and text services beginning in the second half of the year.

Verizon said last week that it would offer a $50 off-peak data roaming discount for customers on Vodas prepaid plans.

Verizon and Vodacon are among the companies that have already begun offering free roaming to those with prepaid plans, with other carriers offering similar offers for customers with existing prepaid plans as well.

In January, AT&T said it would begin offering free international calls on Voteland prepaid plans beginning in October.