Vodas plan to merge with Vodacoast, the leading Vodacon mobile and internet company, in a deal worth more than $6 billion. 

The deal is likely to close in the coming months.

Vodakh, a major player in the Philippines, had said in October it was looking to merge and take over Vodak, which is a global mobile and broadband company.

Vodakh chief executive officer Edson Santos said the deal would be announced soon and would be subject to regulatory approval.

“We are very confident in the potential of this deal.

We are committed to the Philippines,” Santos said.

Santos said the merger will create “a truly global telecommunications and internet platform”.

“Vodak’s core business will be merged with Votacom’s core product, including the VODA mobile platform,” Santos told a news conference.

The deal would make Vodascan the largest mobile company in the world and Vodawan the biggest internet company in Asia, with combined revenues of about $4 billion.

It would also mean Vodavax will be able to sell its existing services to consumers.

Vodascans parent, the Voda Group, was spun out in 2017, after Vodabax acquired its stake in Vodamobile.

Voda also owns Vodaplex, the largest provider of internet services in the country.