9 plan vodaafone plans to extend its network into Queensland with plans to offer high-speed broadband to all Australians by 2019.

Key points:Qatar’s Qatari government is planning to launch a network of high-frequency lines to connect all of Queensland’s suburbs and major citiesQatar is currently the third-largest Internet provider in the world and is ranked number one in broadband speeds in the World, according to the latest rankings from US-based market research firm Forrester.

Qatar has signed up for the network of the first-ever high-bandwidth fiber optic cables that will connect its entire territory, and it will also build fibre optic networks to connect to the rest of the world.

The Qatari Government is now in the final stages of securing government funding to help it roll out its ambitious plan to roll out fibre optic cable lines to all of the country’s suburbs, and cities.

Qatari Telecommunications Minister Khaled al-Thawadi told News Corp in Dubai that Qataris broadband will be rolled out through fibre optic cables, and will be connected to all public buildings in the country.

“This project will help us to make sure the national infrastructure is up-to-date and ready to meet the needs of the citizens and will make it easy to reach all citizens,” Mr al-Khawadi said.

“We have to build a network and it starts from here.”

Qatar plans to build fibre optics cables to connect its territory with the rest the world, with plans for high-fibre cable lines linking major cities in the kingdom.

The project will bring broadband speeds to more than 20 million homes in the United Arab Emirates, where the Qatari Telecommunications Ministry has allocated a total of $6.3 billion to the project.

Q&PQ has secured funding from Qatar to build the fibre optic network and to make the fibre cables, which will connect all its territory to the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia, available to the general public.

Quranis Government has already pledged $1.3bn to help finance the project, and is expecting to spend more than $2 billion to connect the whole country.

The fibre optic lines will be laid out in a manner similar to the way the network is being rolled out in Australia, with each individual house being connected to a different part of the network, with the goal of providing a “fast, reliable and affordable” service.

Quranic fibre optic connections in Qatar have been rolled out across the country since the beginning of the decade, and Qatar has been one of the leading countries in the Middle East and Africa in providing fibre optic services.

Qorla al-Khatib, a spokeswoman for Qatar’s Communications Ministry, told NewsCorp that the rollout of the fibre optics networks will be completed by the end of 2019.

“Our plan for Qatari fiber optic networks is to begin with the Qatar government and then the general government will lead the rollout,” she said.

The rollout of fibre optic broadband is expected to be completed before the end-of-year financial year, which is in 2019.

Qorbaclose plans to spend about $1 billion on the rollout, which could be more than the Q&amp