Vodafonet, the online TV service that lets you watch TV on your mobile device, will start rolling out in Australia in January.

It will use a similar technology to Vodacom’s Vodaphone and Telstra’s Telstra Mobile phone services, which can also be used to watch online content.

Vodafont is not a standalone service, but the Vodabox app is integrated into the VODA TV box, which is used by many TV subscribers.

Vodas is expected to roll out in some areas of the country.VODA is owned by Vodaeo, which has a market capitalisation of about $1 billion.

VODa Mobile is owned jointly by Telstra, Vodax and Voda, which means there is an interlocking relationship between the three companies.

Telstra Mobile has a global reach that includes mobile phone service providers in more than 70 countries, including Brazil, South Africa, China, Australia, the US and Turkey.