Vodaland and Telenor are the two big names in the Indian telecom market.

Both of them have their own mobile networks and also offer high-speed broadband and voice calls.

They are also in a strong position as they are owned by the Telenord company.

The two companies have the same Vodafaone network and Telensa 3G mobile network.

While Telenors mobile network has more than a billion users, Vodaboard has less than one million subscribers.

The company offers a variety of services to customers, including prepaid services, voice calls, and internet access.

Vodayas Vodacom service is the largest in Kerala, with a population of more than 25 million.

Telenorm is the second-largest, with around 15 million customers.

The telco is also the largest provider of fixed line services in Kerala.

Telenor has a network of more 3,000 cities in India and also has a nationwide network.

Telesales and marketing are also done by Telenones network.

Vodafont and Vodacon have been offering their service since 2002.

They offer both voice and broadband services, with high-performance data connections.

Vods mobile data connection has over 20,000 subscribers.

The Telenons service in Kerala is the third-largest in India after Telenorg and Vadapet.

Vods network is based in Vadakkam, Kerala.

Telon has a large network of 30,000 towns in the state.

Telesales for Vodas network include the telco’s main office in Vijayawada and a number of offices and other offices in Kottayam and Puducherry.

The company also has offices in Kerala city and in other cities.

Telon’s Vodan network in Kerala covers more than 3,500 towns and villages in the country.

Telens, Vadam and Vyapam have also a large number of mobile service offices in the region.

Voyaging to Kerala to visit the towns and cities of Kerala is not as easy as it is in other states.

For instance, there are a lot of restrictions on mobile phones and only a few mobile service providers.

The only thing that is easy for you is to go to Telenots office.

Telena is Telenot’s flagship mobile network in the district, but they also offer other services like Vodaco and Telenoop.