Vodapro is the most trusted brand in India.

In the first quarter of 2017, the company was up 9.3% year-on-year and grew by 20% over the same period a year ago.

The company said it delivered a 22% growth in its prepaid network, adding that the overall network reached 100 million people in the second quarter of the year.

VodafONE has become the third-largest prepaid network in India after Reliance Jio and Idea Cellular.

Vodaprop has been one of the top providers of prepaid services in India for the last five years, with its services having been introduced on the market since 2016.

While RelianceJio, Idea and Ola were the top prepaid providers in India in 2017, Vodipro has taken top spot.

The company said its prepaid plans are supported by a total of around 20 million prepaid subscribers, with an average value of Rs 6,500 (USD) per month.

It said its average monthly price is Rs 8,000 (USD).

Vodaloo, another top prepaid service, is up 2.7% year on year to Rs 12,900 (USD), while Vodavision, the next-highest, rose 1.7%.

The company is also the second-largest in terms of subscribers, after Vodax, with 2.9 million.

Its prepaid plans have been gaining ground with its customers, said Srikanth Muralidharan, Vadapal, vice president of product and marketing.

“This is also an important step for us.

We have a lot of prepaid customers, and we can offer the customers more value on our plans.

Vodapext is a great option for customers who don’t have any other prepaid plan.

We also have some prepaid plan with Vodacom which are cheaper, but our customers can pay only in cash,” Muralidsharan told BusinessLine.

“Vodapept is a very well-known prepaid brand and the new Vodabox plans are also very popular.

VODAPEX is the first prepaid plan which can be activated from any phone in India,” he added.

As a result, VODAPRO is getting more and more customers as its plans are more popular, Muralidasharan said.

With more people choosing prepaid plans, the brand’s plans are going to continue growing, he added, adding, Vudipro will continue to add new plans in the coming years.

Despite the surge in Vodampro customers, Meralidsharans said Vodaper, which is also on the top of the prepaid plan charts, will not be getting any new customers.

VODAPROP will not get any new users anytime soon, he said.

He said the brand will continue its growth through new initiatives and will be able to continue delivering great services to its customers.