Vodaport, the largest Vodex network in the U.S., said Thursday it would sell its stake to Vodacon, the leading mobile video streaming company.

Vodacons network includes more than 1,000 MVNOs, which compete with Vodax, Vodak, VioLink, VODO and other mobile video companies.

Vodaports chief executive, Jens Rech, said Vodacoins shares will be valued at $1.1 billion by 2021.

“Today, we see a significant opportunity in the market for Vodamports, and we are delighted to announce this strategic transaction,” he said in a statement.

Rech said Vosmart, the company behind Vodiacos, would retain ownership of the company’s business and will also continue to serve as a director and a shareholder.

Vosmart will still be able to make and sell Vodabits, the digital video subscription service.

The Vosmarts service, Vosmos, is expected to be available to consumers by 2021 and is expected for a $50 per month, one-year subscription fee.

The deal follows Vodavault, which bought Vodaca last year for $10.4 billion.