Germany’s largest telecommunications operator is currently in the process of replacing its top official in charge for its mobile phone service.

Kundenbank vodnätstelefonnen, a German federal agency that oversees the country’s two largest telecoms companies, is also replacing the head of its mobile network.

The move is a major blow to Germany’s national telecoms industry and has been a target of antitrust investigations in recent years.

On Friday, the German government announced that the top executive of the Bundesbank, Karl-Heinz Gruppen, would retire in 2018, according to a press release by the government.

The news comes just days after German antitrust regulators ordered Deutsche Telekom to pay more than €7 billion ($9.8 billion) to resolve antitrust concerns.

In a statement, the Bundesländer government said the decision to remove Gruppens senior official was taken after a series of discussions.

“The decision was made because it was not clear to us that he was suitable for the post,” the ministry said in a statement.

“We believe that it is in the interest of consumers and business to remove this highly qualified executive from the post.”

Kundeutsche Telekomenkommission, the ministry added, will remain in place as a senior official of the telecoms company.

The news is a significant blow to the industry, which has been under pressure since regulators in December ordered Deutsche to pay up to €7.7 billion to resolve anti-trust concerns over its acquisition of mobile network operator MobileOne.

The merger was criticized by consumer groups as having too little competition and too little regulatory oversight.

The merger had been expected to create a bigger and more powerful competitor to Deutsche Telepolis, a subsidiary of German mobile operator T-Mobile.