The Verizon Cloud Service is a very big deal for many consumers.

The service allows them to connect and manage their devices in the cloud.

The cost is low compared to many other cloud providers, and the service is very reliable.

But Verizon is not the only company using cloud computing services.

Facebook has its own cloud computing service and is currently using it to improve its search engine.

The Facebook Cloud Service has been downloaded millions of times by people who are interested in accessing Facebook content from the internet.

Facebook, however, is not allowed to use cloud computing as it is a data center owned by Verizon.

In a new blog post, Verizon said it would start to restrict Facebook’s cloud computing from its service, saying that it is not in the best interests of its customers.

“This means that our customers will no longer be able to access their Facebook News Feed and other content that has been stored on Facebook’s Cloud Services,” Verizon said.

The company also said that it would be removing its Facebook Messenger and Facebook video chat apps from the cloud, as well as the apps for WhatsApp and Messenger.

“We have made this change to our Cloud Services to ensure that customers can access all their services from our Cloud Platform, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Messenger,” Verizon wrote.

Verizon has been using cloud services for years, and it has been known for its ability to keep up with technology and services in the marketplace.

Verizon said that the new restrictions would be phased in gradually over the next few months, but that it did not plan to remove all services or stop supporting them.

“For a while now, we have been investing heavily in our Cloud Solutions to make sure that our cloud offerings are more reliable, resilient, and scalable,” Verizon Chief Financial Officer Brian Hartman said in a blog post.

“However, our customers want us to take a stand against this type of behavior, and we have decided to take action.”