Vodakastas (Vodafones) is the most profitable and profitable mobile internet service provider in Brazil.

The Brazilian telecoms giant is now on fire.

Its stock is up 30% over the past week and it has made record profits on mobile internet.

Its chief executive officer is currently under investigation for embezzlement, but its stock is soaring.

Its main competitors, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have all made massive losses over the same period.

Vodakas is the only company in Brazil that operates a mobile network in its entirety, a system that is the basis of a large number of Brazil’s social and business-related services.

Voda has its own high-speed internet network that can reach as far as 50,000km.

It also offers video calling and data usage plans that are similar to those of rival providers.

It has a market capitalisation of $1.7 billion, according to Forbes magazine.VODAKAS SECURITIES EXCHANGE (NASDAQ:VODA) has gained more than 10% in the past year, and is trading at $6.35, more than three times its value a year ago.

It is now trading at a market cap of $17.9 billion.VODEKAS is also Brazil’s largest company.

It owns the nation’s second-largest telecoms company, which is a subsidiary of Vodas parent company.VOTACOM has a combined market capitalization of $6 billion.

Its main rival is Brazil’s state-owned Telefonica, which has a total market capitalized of $2.5 billion.