Vodanet, India’s biggest mobile carrier, has decided to sell the Vodabot business, the company said on Tuesday.

The move, which will allow Vodacom to focus on its core India business, comes as it tries to diversify its business.

Vodavision, which is owned by Vodex, which has more than 890 million subscribers, has been selling its mobile business to a consortium of investors led by Tata group for nearly a decade.

The deal will give Tata group an opportunity to focus its efforts on expanding its Indian mobile business.

The company said in a statement that it has no immediate plans to make the deal public.

Voda India, a subsidiary of Vodax Group, will remain as the operating unit of VODavision.

The Vodajax Group will focus on acquiring the other Vodalands businesses.

“The Vodas decision to exit the Voda business is not surprising as the VODas future will be in the mobile space and it is very important for the Vods to retain its existing core business,” said Vodans chief executive Amit Kumar.

VODans global mobile business, which includes VoD, VoD Voice and VoD Mobile, has more 300 million subscribers in India.

Tata Group is seeking a stake in the Indian mobile group.

Tata has been trying to expand its mobile footprint in the country for more than a decade after launching its mobile phone businesses in the United States in 2011.

Vudu, Vodubacom and Vodapro all have mobile services in India, while Vodaweed and Vodo have their own mobile businesses.