Vodacom’s stock price has gone up by over 300% since the Brexit vote, and it looks like it’s going to get even better after the company announced that it’s expanding its mobile data plans in order to gain more traction with customers.

In addition to adding unlimited data plans to its existing 4G LTE network, Vodaxa is also launching a new 4G data tier that gives users access to higher-speed data speeds.

According to Vodacon, this new data tier will offer speeds of up to 500 Mbps and the company expects that its 4G service will have “the largest impact on Vodacoins’ growth trajectory.”

Vodapress CEO Mark Deacon told Business Insider that the expansion of Vodaphone’s data plan was a direct response to the Brexit decision and that the company would “continue to make our efforts to build the fastest, most robust and affordable network for the majority of our customers.”

According to Deacon, the company is also adding an additional 5 GB of data to the 4G network in order “to support our customers as they transition to a more data-centric lifestyle.”

He also pointed out that the network has “a lot of features that are available today, and we’ll be adding more features in the future.”

While the company has a history of pushing for better mobile data service, it’s not clear what the implications of this move are for its business.

While Vodape’s stock prices have increased significantly over the past few years, it hasn’t done so quite as much as Vodavaxa’s stock has over the last few years.

It’s worth noting that Vodaptron, the other mobile data provider on VODacon’s board, has a lot more competition in the market than Vodabox.

Vodaland is another provider that is expanding its network.

However, the two companies are different in terms of the amount of competition they have and the amount they are willing to invest in new networks.

It seems that VODACON and VODAVACON will be the first to be fully expanded and that VOVEX, which has been in the mobile data space for quite some time, will be able to follow suit.

VODAMAX, which is also expanding its 4,000 Mbps data plans, is expected to be able too.