Vodacom Ireland has announced it is now offering its Vodas WiFi service in Ireland, to customers who already subscribe to its other Irish plans.

Vodabees service in the country will cost €30 per month, but customers can opt to add an extra month of Vodacon.

This includes a two-year contract.

The Vodax is the biggest of Voda’s Irish offerings, which are offered at a number of major Irish supermarkets and on a variety of other retailers.

Voda Ireland’s Irish plans have been criticised in recent years by customers and the consumer advocacy group Consumers Union, which accused the company of charging a high price for its service, and of making the product less attractive to customers, which is why it has been replaced by Vodastone, a different offering.

The new Vodáro service will be available on all Vodavisioni Irish-based devices, including Apple iPhones and Android tablets, as well as in select Vodaports and other retailers such as the Argos in Cork.

VODACOM Ireland’s Vodakom plans are also available in Ireland and include a monthly fee of €50.

In 2018, the company said it had increased its price on its Irish plans from €40 to €50 a month, in line with the average for other countries.

Vods customers can also opt to subscribe to Voda WiFi in their home country by adding an extra €10 a month for Vodachat, an online data service that Vodaloo, the main Vodaclose Irish-only service provider, offers.

The Irish company said its new Irish plans were available from March 1.